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    Thank you for taking time to look at my website. Please read a little about me to explain the diversity on offer.

    When I was at school, I was sometimes sent to stay with Crazy Uncle Jack. In the circus and showground world, he was known as Skin Dude; The World’s Most Tattooed Man. Today he would probably look quite normal, but back then he turned heads. Mum and Dad (who btw were the World’s Oldest Parents) would send me off for long periods with Uncle Jack. It was my education. I developed a thirst for magic and entertainment. Jack knew that I was by nature a magician - and he taught me all he knew. I travelled the wide-world (and the nether-world) performing as one half of an act called ‘The Incredible Blood Brothers’.

    However, writing has always been my passion - diary writing; poetry; fiction, non-fiction, and a mixture of both. I wrote a short book once about some of my favourite acts. I am a writer, a teacher, a trainer and a performer. My main focus these days is ‘Restorative Justice’, I have been commissioned by Her Majesty’s Home Office to produce a number of resources for anti-bullying and crime prevention.


    A couple of years ago, Princess Anne invited me to Buckingham Palace to receive the Butler Trust Award for engaging young people in the Arts.


    I have a black belt in the established Northern Culinary Arts, [chip butties, parched peas, and blind scouse].

    Andy Winters

    Writer - Performer- Teacher - Trainer

    Writing Wrongs, a practical engagement programme using Restorative Approaches, designed for use by practitioners working with young people. It is being used by numerous YOT's and schools. Can be found on the Youth Justice Board best practice library. Writing Wrongs is now being used with Summer Arts Colleges and it is also a YRO requirement with Lancashire Magistrates.


    Terrifyingly Talented ( Artistes, Fartistes and Funambulists) Author. published by Caboodle Books. http://www.authorsabroad.com/authors/profile/andy-winters


    Football Poetry Dictionary a youth resource for the National Football Museum.

    stART, a book of poetry and Art. Editor.

    It's Your Life; A Knife Awareness Programme for Lancashire Youth Offending Team (YOT) Co-Creator. Award winner for Fear or Fashion , Lemos and Crane.

    Contributed to Lancashire YOT's latest programme; 'My Book'.

    Speaker and workshop facilitator at numerous conferences including: Youth Justice Board, Arts Alliance, IIRP both in UK and Canada, Lemos and Crane, and Short Stay Schools.

    How Restorative Justice can save people and society

  • workshops in schools

    literacy, numeracy, magic, poetry and stories

    Magic Workshops

    learn to perform magic tricks

    great confidence builder for all ages, helps increase literacy and numeracy and listening skills

    Author Visits

     to promote literacy skills

    Andy will come into schools to deliver author workshops using his book Terrifyingly Talented

    'Sticks and Stones'

    anti-bullying workshops in schools

    Delivered in Primary Schools as preventative arts based workshops, accredited by Arts Award

    'You Decide'

    anti-social behaviour workshops

    Delivered in Primary Schools as preventative arts based workshops, accredited by Arts Award

  • Magic Workshops

    Andy Winters has been using magic to engage, enthral and delight audiences of all ages for over 20 years. He also still works as a professional Magician all over the world.



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  • Books & Resources

    look out for new publications coming soon

    Terrifyingly Talented

    artistes, fartistes and funambulists

    Making Positive Choices

    an educational resource to support positive decision making for primary school age children

    Please contact us for a free copy.

    The Street Palm Reader

    To purchase a copy please click here.  

    Poetry Resource

    Please download a free resource here.

    Exciting new book coming soon .......

    keep checking back

  • Shows

    Andy Winters and friends perform as Poetricks, magic and poetry shows, contact us to book


    Children and Young People can gain an Arts Award for taking part in any of our interactive performance days.

    Our Tommy's War

    Our Tommys War is a vibrant, interactive, new and original WW1 performance and workshop that engages young people in learning more about the lives and experiences of everyday people in extraordinary circumstances during the ravages in WW1.


    Tommy's ‘journey’ through WW1 is narrated through poetry, rhyme and songs and brought to life through magic in interactive performances from nationally acclaimed magician Andy Winters and amazing madcap performance poet Terry Caffrey.

    Cairo Chaos

    Andy Winters and Terry Caffrey perform their original interactive creation, ‘Cairo Chaos’ a poetry and magic extravaganza telling tales of Ancient Eygpt in Primary Schools, Museums and Galleries.

    Poetricks-The Show

    Performed a sell out 8 day run at Edinburgh Fringe 2016 with Titus Seat and Terry Caffrey.


    Roll up, roll up and encounter eye melting magic tricks and ear bending poems!! A whirlwind of words!! A monsoon of magic!! Songs, jokes, magic, stories, tricks, poems and non stop family fun!! Magic and Poetry!! You will never look at poetry and magic in the same way again!!

    Magic like you will never believe, plays with your mind, befuddles your brain; funny rhythmic rib tickling poetry that bounces off the page and up into the air and juggles with your funny bone.


    An eye popping-mouth gaping-ears wiggling-nose sniffing, words and magic extravaganza.

  • Restorative resources

    to support working with restorative practices and approaches

    'Making Positive Choices'

    a resource to support anti-gang work in schools

    Delivered in schools as preventative workshops to support positive decision making to support children and young people from becoming entrenched in criminal behaviours.  Published as a resource.

    Restorative Resources

    for youth offending teams and schools

    Writing Wrongs is a framework for young people; using Restorative Approaches and Practices, two separate programmes have been designed for use in Schools and Youth Justice Organisations.

    Restorative Arts programmes

    Creative Issue Based Programmes

    Issue based programme embedding restorative approaches to address negative behaviours, offending, bullying

  • Arts Award

    Children and Young People can gain an arts award from many of our workshops. We work with Resource Creatives, our accredited Arts Award Centre to create bespoke logs for each project.

    Arts Award

    Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award

    Resource Creatives are our Arts Award Centre

    Arts Award Centre


  • Issue based films

    Addressing serious & organised crime


    Knife awareness film

    It's Your Life

  • Links

    Creating and delivering issue based creative arts projects using restorative approaches.

    You can also book Andy to come to your school or organisation through Authors Abroad

  • The Incredible Blood Brothers

    this page is being updated

    The Incredible Blood Brothers

    Show reel

    Watch the Incredible Blood Brothers performing on TV

    The Incredible Blood Brothers

    Speciality magic act

    Blood Brothers Magic

    Magic Store


    Come and see us at Blackpool Magic Convention 2018

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